Libs Continue to Exploit Orlando Shooting Tragedy

As the nation heals from last week’s terrorist attack on an Orlando nightclub, anti-2nd Amendment liberals continued their attempts to exploit the tragedy, all the way to the floor of the United States Senate. A statement released by the National Rifle Association’s Chris Cox declared these efforts “proved they are more interested in playing politics than addressing their failure to keep Americans safe from the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Four separate measures that were introduced by both Republicans and Democrats addressing firearm sales failed on procedural votes yesterday in the Senate. However, anti-2nd Amendment advocates have used the opportunity to continue this disingenuous misinformation campaign, some stepping to even lower levels.

The notorious Brady Campaign went so far as to publish infographics featuring bullet-holes next to pictures of Senators who worked to protect 2nd Amendment rights while developing measures to prevent the acquisition of firearms by known terrorists.

Of course, the Brady Campaign, which has also opposed stand-your-ground and concealed carry laws, is supported in part by several liberal corporations that 2ndVote’s research has found here:

Fox Sports
JP Morgan Chase
Morgan Stanley
Turner Broadcasting

Researchers for the Heritage Foundation explained why controversial gun control measures, like some of the amendments that were introduced in the Senate yesterday, are concerning:

“It is potentially unconstitutional since it would take away a constitutional right—your Second Amendment right to bear arms—at the discretion of a government official in a secret, nontransparent process that has no adequate due process protections.”

Several other anti-gun groups like CSGV and Everytown have also taken to social media to spread the same misinformation on this issue. Be sure to check out 2ndVote’s scorecard to see where companies have helped support these organizations.