Lincoln, Unicorns and Chicken Sandwiches: A Few Words From Our 2ndVote Founder

Lincoln, Unicorns and Chicken Sandwiches: A Few Words From Our 2ndVote Founder

“At what point then is the approach of danger to be expected? I answer, if It ever reached us, it must spring up amongst us. It cannot come from abroad. If destruction be our lot, we must ourselves be its author and finisher. As a nation of freemen, we must live through all time, or die by suicide.”

Abraham Lincoln, The Perpetuation of Our Political Institutions: Address Before the Young Men’s Lyceum on Springfield, Illinois, January 27, 1838.

When Lincoln spoke these words, he was living in a time when the United States was moving towards a great civil war over the issue of slavery. Although slavery had existed throughout recorded history as a “natural” state of man, the Declaration of Independence had declared “all men are created equal.” The young United States had yet to address this hypocrisy, and it would take the lives of 600,000 patriots to finally eliminate slavery and create the foundation for equality of mankind. As warned by Lincoln, the threat of destruction of our nation was indeed authored from within and by “ourselves.” And today we are once again approaching self-destruction, but by danger from within that is much more insidious and clever and not based on a noble cause. And sadly, the threat to our nation is one driven by new “truths” that are as false and imaginary as any found in history.

When I joined Vanderbilt University in 1986, my office was located in the Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Hospital. On busy days, the cafeteria, where the young patients ate, was a convenient option for lunch. One day I sat down at a table to eat my lunch, and shortly a young girl of about 13 years of age sat down with me. I had not seen her before, and I gave her my normal “Hi, how are you?” “Okay,” she said, “I’m a unicorn!” Taken aback I said, “Are you really a unicorn?” “Yes,” said she, “but no one will believe me.” She described in great detail her life as a Unicorn and how difficult it was for her to be accepted as she believed she was. Her mental illness and distress were apparent as she was clearly out of touch with the world around her. I cannot imagine the difficulties both she and her parents must have experienced in dealing with her trapped inside a fantasy world. To enjoy a healthy life requires understanding and seeing the world as created and not as imagined. I have often prayed that this young girl was successfully treated.

Today, there are many Unicorns in our society. Unlike the young girl I met years ago who was struggling with the imaginary world of a child, these are people and organizations that have intentionally created false “truths”. And the great danger is these lies, which can be compared to fictional Unicorns, are destroying our American Judeo-Christian culture which created the greatest nation ever known to mankind.

Several of the Unicorns destroying our society from within are:

Diversity: the death of “E Pluribus Unum” and respect

Pro-abortion: the death of a child and a woman’s soul

Homosexuality: the death of the Judeo-Christian faith and “love thy neighbor”

Environmental Alarmism: the death of individual freedom and prosperity

These Unicorns travel as a herd and work well together as the danger from within, as warned by future President Lincoln in 1837. Perhaps the greatest of these dangers is the homosexual community and the LGBTQ-Unicorn. Theology, biology, history and scientific fact testify that there are males and females and NOT 56 (or more?) genders. To believe that gender is a choice is an expression of unreality. The LGBTQ community is dedicated to destroying anyone or any organization that believes in the truth of two sexes only, which in all of nature have a primary purpose of procreation, but in man creates a special bond of love between a man and woman. Engaging in sexual acts separate from God or nature’s design is not normal and cannot be normal. Thus, there is an intensity to destroy truth and promote a false and unhealthy lifestyle which is harming our children and culture. This LGBTQ-Unicorn replaces respect with intimidation, “love thy neighbor” with hate, and seeks to destroy theology, biological fact, history and scientific truths. And the LGBTQ-Unicorn will succeed as long as conservatives and Christians allow themselves to be intimidated into silence.

Most importantly, the LGBTQ-Unicorn vows to destroy Christianity. What has happened to Chick-fil-A is exactly that and repeats a pattern that we have already witnessed. At Christmas of 2004, Target announced that the Salvation Army, a Christian organization that helps millions of citizens in need by following the second great commandment of Christ “love they neighbor,” would no longer be able to collect monies in front of their stores. In 2016, Target became the LGBTQ corporate leader with the introduction of the transgender bathroom policy allowing males to enter female bathrooms. In the last several weeks, Chick-fil-A announced that it, too, would no longer support the Salvation Army…..and just as in 2004, this announcement comes in the season of celebrating the birth of Christ. I cannot imagine this timing is unintentional, especially as it repeats the Target history of ejecting the Salvation Army on the eve of Christmas. This is not about chicken sandwiches and it is not about Dan Cathy. This is about the hate of the LGBTQ-Unicorn which will not rest until all Christians denounce God and Christ and fundamental truths. The success of the LGBTQ-Unicorn is not due to the lack of faith of the Cathy family. It is due to the great apathy of our citizens to recognize the Unicorns among us who are destroying truth and our Judeo-Christian culture.

Sadly, 2ndVote must now update the scoring of Chick-fil-A, which previously had a Judeo-Christian positive score of 4. Due to their new policies and actions, their score now becomes a very liberal 2.1 due to their new donation policies impacting on four of the seven issues we score: Marriage, Life, Religious Liberty and Immigration. Scoring can be found on our website page addressing Chick-fil-A.

We join with Franklin Graham and encourage 2ndVote followers, members and allies to pray for the Cathy family. However, we also pray that YOU will shop your dollars consistent with YOUR values. And that especially during this time of the year, you will recommit yourself to your faith and values with a determination to not be misled or intimidated into believing in Unicorns. Our belief must rest in truth and in Christ, which form the foundation of our values and culture. If we refuse to believe in the Unicorns which have been created to destroy our Judeo-Christian culture we will defeat this “danger which has sprung up amongst us” as warned by Abraham Lincoln.