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Live Action Highlights Planned Parenthood’s “Money Laundering” Non-Profit Scheme

We recently urged 2ndVote followers to only support real charities. Yesterday, Live Action released a short report highlighting the — to quote the report — “Money Laundering Scheme” that is Planned Parenthood.

From the report:

At the same time Planned Parenthood’s political efforts try to ensure more and more taxpayer dollars keep flowing to it, many of Planned Parenthood’s services and its clients are declining. A look at the numbers shows that in the last 10 years of Planned Parenthood’s annual reporting (2006-2016),

• clients have decreased 23 percent (3.1 million in 2006 vs. 2.4 million in 2016);
• it closed 260 facilities (860 facilities in 2006 vs. 600 facilities in 2016);
• breast exams have decreased by 62 percent;
• cervical cancer screenings have decreased by 74 percent; and
• contraception services have decreased by 32 percent.

Yet while many services have decreased over the last 10 years, Planned Parenthood’s abortion numbers are up by 11 percent (to over 320,000 babies each year) and—shockingly—taxpayer funding has skyrocketed from $336 million to $543 million a year in 2016.

Doing less service to patients and getting more tax dollars isn’t enough for Planned Parenthood. Live Action highlights the abortion giant’s well-financed political activism. Their goal is simple: to increase abortion access across the country.

Planned Parenthood is just one of many examples which show the scam that is the U.S. federal non-profit “charity” system. Despite killing unborn children and hiding the abuse of minors, they receive more money than ever from U.S. governments. Meanwhile, many real charities such as adoption centers have been forced to close because governments wanted to force them to promote the LGBT agenda. Planned Parenthood’s most hated foes — pro-life pregnancy resource centers — help abortion-vulnerable women…and the vast majority are entirely privately funded.

As Benjamin Kraft of Life Advancement Group told us, “Out of all of the pregnancy centers that we work with, one key truth is shared: their commitment to providing essential services to women in need, all for free. Contrast this with Planned Parenthood’s taxpayer-funded business model, which generates hundreds of millions of dollars off of women in dire need.”

Live Action’s report draws attention to a well-known but largely ignored fact: Planned Parenthood does less good, and more bad, with more money from taxpayers. It’s long past time for Congress and state legislatures to yank their funding.

Be sure to see which companies finance Planned Parenthood’s scheme with your shopping dollars here.

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