Looking Back at 2016: Target

In 2016, Target cemented its status as one of the most liberal corporations on matters of advocacy.

By announcing a controversial policy that allowed anyone to use restrooms and fitting rooms based on identity rather than biological sex, Target clearly signaled its support for liberal efforts implement orientation and gender identity (SOGI) accommodation laws in cities like Houston and Charlotte.

The policy itself raises many concerns for public safety. However, Target’s position on the issue placed the company in close alignment with liberal organizations like the Human Rights Campaign that are pushing similar measures that ultimately threaten the religious liberty of business owners and religious institutions.

However, Target may have gone too far as concerned customers have taken their business elsewhere. Apparently, the company’s leadership felt the impact and  attempted to mitigate the damage by announcing a $20 million initiative to create single use restroom facilities in all stores.

Will Target’s lip-service to safety concerns be enough to regain the public’s trust? The millions reached by 2ndVote’s #AnywhereButTARGET that went viral shows that conservatives were looking for places other than Target to do their Christmas shopping in 2016.

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