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Lottery Ticket Dropped into Salvation Army Kettle

A $1,000 winning lottery ticket was dropped into a Salvation Army kettle in Harborcreek, Pennsylvania over the weekend.

The Erie County Salvation Army said the donation was greatly appreciated because the annual fundraiser was behind schedule by over $22,000. According to the Erie Times-News, the charity is hoping to raise $190,000 this year, and the with the generous $1,000 donation, it made the day a little brighter.

The Red Kettle Campaign is synonymous with Christmas shopping as retailers, many of whom strictly enforce “no solicitation” policies 11 months of the year, allow Salvation Army volunteers to ring bells and sing Christmas carols as customers donate spare change on their way in and out of stores. It’s a feel-good activity and can even be a moment for teaching children about the merits of charity.

Not all companies welcome the red kettles however, Target, for example, has banned the seasonable charity from collecting outside their doors. Maybe another reason to shop #AnywhereButTARGET this year?

2ndVote’s scorecard for The Salvation Army can be found here. The charity is a pro-life organization and supports traditional marriage.