Made in America: Infinite Defense

Made in America: Infinite Defense

Here at 2ndVote we always advocate for the three pillars of shopping your values; Shop Local whenever possible, Shop the Highest 2ndVote Score whenever possible, and Shop American whenever possible. American production has been outsourced overseas for the sake of labor costs, sometimes even using slave labor, for far too long. It is high time that we as Americans demand that the goods and services we purchase are made by Americans, for Americans, in AMERICA!

That is why 2ndVote endorses a product Made-in-America every week. This weekly message features various products that have been verified to be truly American produced so that 2ndVote shoppers can better support American economic independence. It should be noted that while any products or companies featured in this series have been vetted for being American made, there is not a guarantee that all such companies have been scored by 2ndVote at the time of publication.

This week’s featured Made-in-America product is the Infinite Defense Reusable Rubber Targets.

Infinite Defense

Infinite Defense thrives on innovation. It all started with trying to fill a gap in the currently available target systems. This sparked their development of the Infinity Target in early 2019. They saw the market lacking an affordable reusable target system. They created their self-healing rubber targets to be as universal and as cost-effective as possible, to fit your existing target stands and not break the bank. They chose the perfect ballistic material blend to achieve that. This also provided added benefits such as no ricochet, water and weatherproofing, reusability up to 110 rounds per square inch. All their targets are safe to use for self-defense training where steel would be an unsafe option. They will also outlast their cost in paper and cardboard targets all while offering the convenience of all its other benefits. They also can offer many common target templates as well as custom reusable target work.

 All their products are proudly made in the USA.


Infinite Defense products are made in Phoenix, Arizona

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