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Manufactured Liberal Outrage Pushes Enterprise Rent-A-Car From ALEC

Enterprise Rent-A-Car joins several other liberal companies as the latest to give-in to pressure from partisan bullying and sever ties with the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC.

According to an ALEC spokesman the relationship with Enterprise centered on work “specifically on eliminating discriminatory excise taxes levied on rental car customers.”

However, liberal organizations like MoveOn.org and labor unions targeted Enterprise for harassment via social media campaigns because of ALEC’s position opposing the practice of government mandates and subsidies in the name of “climate change.” Liberals have organized similar campaigns against other former ALEC members such as Ford (1.5), Google (1), and Walmart (1.3).

Interestingly, many of these companies have something in common with Enterprise (1.1): they are all very liberal companies on matters of public policy.

In 2016, Enterprise has sponsored events hosted by La Raza and the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, two organizations that openly advocate for sanctuary cities. Through its charitable arm, the Enterprise Holdings Foundation, the company funds pro-abortion organizations that support Planned Parenthood like United Way, Susan G. Komen, and the March of Dimes.

Enterprise has also made direct donations to very liberal LGBT advocacy organizations: Equality California who was the chief sponsor of legislation that would eliminate religious liberty protections for private schools and Basic Rights Oregon who coordinated efforts to destroy a cake baking business because of the owners’ faith.

Given its record on the issues, no one would mistake Enterprise for being a “conservative” company. 2ndVote’s research shows the car-rental giant isn’t even close to “neutral.” In fact, on the very issue at the center of the left’s outrage, environmental policy, Enterprise contributes to the Sierra Club who advocates for cap-and-trade measures. Enterprise has even made a point of making “support for sustainable energy projects a part of its brand.”

However, Enterprise’s quick decision to succumb to liberal bullying indicates that the company puts partisan politics over its on best interests. The situation also shows how the environmental left is bent on silencing all semblance of disagreement and debate on the issue.

See the scorepage for more details on where Enterprise stands on all the issues in our database here and see 2ndVote’s statement on Enterprise’s decision to give-in to liberal demands here.