Massachusetts Could Be First State To Repeal Common Core

Common Core will possibly face its first repeal in the State of Massachusetts as a grassroots organization, End Common Core Massachusetts, has collected more than 30,000 signatures in support of letting the voters of the state decide on the future of the program later this year.

Ironically, Massachusetts was among the first states to support the implementation of Common Core, mostly because it would bring federal money to the state (totaling $4 billion). Critics of the program realize that this ‘money grab’ was a mistake, as Massachusetts’ state standards actually performed better than the current measures in place.

According to an article in NewBostonPost:

“Massachusetts was one of the highest-achieving states in the country, but… achievement levels declined after the state adopted Common Core.”

The Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE), which is supported by multiple corporations, released a statement regarding the ballot and its opposition to the matter. Some of MBAEs’ top contributors helping to further the Common Core agenda include:


Along with funds from these corporations, MBAE also received a hefty grant from the Gates Foundation in 2010 with the purpose of “undertake[ing] an objective analysis of the Common Core State Standards and the MA State Standards in literacy and math.” Gates has been a prominent supporter of the implementation of the nationwide program; his backing of MBAE, and their opposition to the elimination of the curriculum, seems to be no coincidence.

A decision is likely to be reached soon by the Supreme Judicial Court on whether or not Common Core will be allowed to appear on the ballot.

2ndVote will monitor this situation as it unfolds. In the meantime, check out how Common Core is failing to do its job here, and view hundreds of Education scores here.