Massachusetts Court Rules That Common Core Will Not Appear On Ballot

Last week, the possibility of a repeal of Common Core in the State of Massachusetts was the hope of many parents and taxpayers. The grassroots organization, End Common Core Massachusetts, worked tirelessly to collect over 100,000 signatures in support of allowing voters to decide the future of education within the state.

Sadly, the state’s Supreme Judicial Court struck down the idea of including a question on the November ballot to put a stop to Common Core. Donna Colorio, who helped lead the efforts in acquiring signatures, stated her views on the court’s ruling and the truth that stands behind it:

“This ruling is an example of big special interest money using intimidation tactics with scores of lawyers and public relations machines to do what is best for them and drown out the voices of the people.”

As seen in an earlier blog, Common Core supporters were receiving assistance from the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education (MBAE); this partnership helped push a defeat over End Common Core Massachusetts in their attempt to permit citizens to influence education at the ballot in November. It is important to remember that some of MBAE’s top contributors are companies such as MicrosoftVerizonAT&T and Intel.

The impact corporations have on policy issues can be seen here and countless other times in the research conducted by 2ndVote. Our organization is here to help you decipher where your money is going once a purchase or donation has been made. To learn about more companies who are helping to fund advocacy supporting Common Core, click here.