Michelle Malkin: Procter & Gamble Should Stick to Selling Diapers

Michelle Malkin: Procter & Gamble Should Stick to Selling Diapers

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin is calling out Procter & Gamble for “identity-politics pandering” in a recent column.

In her piece, Malkin takes issue with P&G’s latest video for the company’s “My Black is Beautiful” campaign. She writes:

It “depicts the inevitable conversations many Black parents have with their children about racial bias to prepare, protect and encourage them” across the decades. The ad plays as a kinder, gentler version of Black Lives Matter propaganda, but the underlying themes are the same:

–Little progress has been made since the days of Jim Crow.

–Racial discrimination against black Americans is inevitable.

–Police officers are the enemy.

Read Malkin’s piece in its entirety here.

While the article focuses on P&G, virtue-signaling by exploiting complex social issues is common marketing tactic for many companies. The “#RealMoms” campaign by Unilever celebrating a biological father becoming a transgender “mom” is another recent example. According to Malkin, “Industry marketers aren’t satisfied with selling useful products people want and need. They’re hell-bent on transforming successful businesses into social justice busybodies.”

At the end of the piece, Malkin concludes, “If P&G isn’t willing to tackle the full complexity of race relations in 21st-century America, perhaps the company should stick to selling diapers instead of filling them.”

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