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Moms Demand Activist Targets Sportsman’s Warehouse Over Bolt-Action Rifle

Many young people first learn the basics of gun-safety and marksmanship from a bolt-action .22 caliber rifle. Yet, Shannon Watts, the Bloomberg-backed anti-gun activist at the head of Moms Demand Action, is riling up her Twitter following over this:

Remember, Moms Demand and Watts peddle in misinformation and scare-mongering to intimidate corporations into advancing their anti-2nd Amendment agenda. The Moms Demand campaigns against restaurants and retailers typically employ menacing imagery meant to invoke feelings of imminent danger in the mere presence of a gun. Obviously, the Ruger Precision Rimfire was chosen for Watts’s tweet because of the “scary-looking” cosmetic features.

However, Watts’s history suggests Sportsman’s Warehouse, a retailer that legally sells this rifle to legal adults, could be the next target of her misinformation campaigns.

Read more about Watts and her tactics in the NRA-ILA post here.

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