More Layoffs at ESPN

More Layoffs at ESPN

The struggles at cable sports giant ESPN continue with another round of layoffs.

FoxNews reports ESPN CEO John Skipper made the announcement Wednesday morning and bringing the total number of employees let go in 2017 to 250.

While ESPN claims it is making investments to “best position [the network] to serve the modern sports fan and support the success of our business,” a source told FoxNews the most recent layoffs were part of an effort to “consolidate resources.” In other words, ESPN is ‘tightening the belt.’

It should come as no surprise that ESPN would face these tough decisions. For over a year now, the network has been hemorrhaging subscribers as millions ‘cut the cord’ with cable. Furthermore, ESPN’s leftist tilt and politicization of sports has turned off many viewers who turn to sports to get away from the politics.

Be sure to check out our scorepage to see where ESPN and parent company Disney stand on all the issues here.

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