NBC Exec Leverages Anthem Protests to Fill Remaining Ad Slots for Super Bowl

A new poll shows 33% of fans have purposefully made the decision to stop watching National Football League broadcasts this year. Overall television ratings are down 9.7% for the league compared to the previous season. NBC, the network that will air Super Bowl LII, is hoping for $500 million in ad revenues from the big game, yet ad slots remain to be sold just three weeks out.

What is a producer to do?

If that producer is NBC’s Fred Gaudelli, he’ll shore up the bottom line by reigniting the national anthem protest controversy. After all, controversy equals eyeballs and eyeballs equal ad sales.

Earlier this week, Gaudelli told attendees at an industry event, “When you are covering a live event, you are covering what’s happening. If there are players who choose to kneel, they will be shown live.”

He added the broadcast team would most likely provide commentary on the protests and the players involved.

Don’t hold your breath in hopes the commentary accurately portrays the NFL’s decision to funnel almost $100 million to the players’ “social justice” causes, which history suggests could be tied to George Soros-founded activist organizations.

Ironically, another NBC executive warned broadcasters earlier in the season that advertisers were not happy with the coverage of the anthem protests. Chairman of advertising sales Linda Yaccarino said major advertisers were telling her network, “We will not be part of the NFL if you continue covering it.”

Is Gaudelli’s promise to cover the anthem protests a subtle pitch to wavering advertisers? In some ways, he appears to be saying, “We’re more than happy to drum up controversy so you don’t want to miss this opportunity.”

Of course, the NFL has essentially institutionalized the anthem protests this season leading to disastrous results for the league’s brand. It makes us wonder if the league offices might be on board with Gaudelli’s pitch in a desperate, and callous, attempt to revive ratings.

Should the NFL make a stand on the anthem protests? Use this link to contact the league offices directly and tell them what decision you’ll be making when it comes to watching Super Bowl LII.

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  • ladywarrior

    It’s kind of entertaining and frightening at the same time to watch a group -NFL- destroy their own multi-billion dollar business….when people look back and don’t understand how Hitler took over Germany and many other countries and you scratch your head and wonder how could they be so stupid? Well, the modern version of that stupidity is playing out right before your eyes with the NFL. Many people, countries, and businesses prove one thing…..people have sheep and lemming personalities…..follow their undeserving leaders right over cliffs…..

  • Bless his heart

    Let’s get back to the really big show, the Digital ‘BOOK BURNING’ (information censorship) by Twitter, Google, Facebook and others.
    The modern day information town squares are censored.

    • Robert E. Lee ca.

      Leftists love censorship, of conservative speech.

  • if ever my soul grows weary
    and banks the fire in my heart
    I come to this place and am refreshed
    that others of my ilk are poised
    unafraid of the abyss
    every day preparing
    to loose the sea of blood
    that will make us new again
    and enveloped in irony endless
    the bottomless, shameless ever-joke
    alway it is this way, from the beginning
    it does not matter who you think you serve
    if your commitment is complete
    so bring the war
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    it all means nothing
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