NC Rep: HRC ‘Elicits Fear’ Through ‘Influence Over Major Corporations’

In a recent interview with The Daily Signal, North Carolina Representative Dan Bishop voiced his concerns over the false accusations and misinformation being spread in the so-called “Bathroom Bill” debates.

Bishop directed blame at the media, as well as a “new and dangerous kind of activism” for initiating the controversies and spoke of the falsehoods surrounding North Carolina’s HB-2. Regarding this deceitful activism, Bishop stated:

“The appallingly named Human Rights Campaign, HRC, they make the NRA [National Rifle Association] look like pikers in terms of their impact. And for 20 years, they’ve been deepening their influence over major corporations, they are just exceedingly aggressive. They can bring about a course of economic retaliation and attempt to elicit fear. That’s not the way you set policy. But they have had great success in doing that and to the detriment of North Carolina.”

Bishop noted that the Human Rights Campaign will stop at nothing in the pursuit of its liberal agenda, which is why 2nd Vote continues to monitor the corporate support for organization.

For more information on where HRC has advocated on the issues, and the corporations supporting its agenda, click here.