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NCAA, ACC Take Away Championship Games From NC

Update: The Atlantic Coast Conference also announced that it would follow the NCAA’s lead to punish North Carolina over HB2 and move championship games, including this December’s football championship game.

The NCAA is the latest to join the ‘misinformation campaign’ against North Carolina’s HB2, also known as the bathroom protection bill, by pulling seven championship games from the state of North Carolina due to Governor McCrory standing firm for common sense protections amidst pressure from the LGBT and business community at large.

This is not the first time the NCAA has entered itself into the arena of politics and culture. If you remember, the NCAA came out against Indiana’s version of a Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) that Governor Pence signed into law in Indiana in March 2015. Indianapolis just so happens to serve as the headquarters for the NCAA. It is also not the first time a major sports organization has pulled games and events from North Carolina due to HB2. The NBA announced in July it would be moving to the 2017 All-Star game elsewhere to protest the bathroom law.

North Carolina’s GOP spokeswoman, Kami Mueller, made the following statement in regards to the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s arrangement:

“The NCAA would bode well to stop their political peacocking and care more about the safety and privacy of athletes across the nation, far more than their profit line.”

She went on to say that the decision is purely “absurd.”

Remember that corporations are helping fund the battle to take away our common sense protections. We’ve called out the companies like Paypal that have helped spread misinformation on North Carolina’s HB2 because they are promoting an agenda that undermines protections for freedom of conscience. Check out how companies are standing on all the issues here. We must unite together in order to win.