Where Do the NCAA’s Corporate Sponsors Stand on the Issues? Find out with 2ndvote

March Madness is the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s greatest generator of revenue. The television rights alone cost CBS and Turner Broadcasting over a billion dollars every year.

WalletHub reports advertisers spent $1.2 billion in 2016 over the course of the tournament. That’s double the $500 million in ad revenue generated by the Super Bowl earlier this year.

So who are the NCAA’s corporate sponsors responsible for making March Madness one of the most lucrative sporting events of the year? We’ve scored all of these companies in our database and you can click the links below to see where they stand on all the issues:

AT&T – 1
Buffalo Wild Wings – 3
Buick (General Motors) – 1
Capital One – 1.9
Coca-Cola – 1
Enterprise Rent-a-Car – 1
Google – 1
Infiniti (Nissan) – 2.1
Intel – 1
Lowe’s – 2.7
Marriott – 1.6
Nabisco (Mondelez International) – 1.6
Northwestern Mutual – 2.4
Pizza Hut – 2
Reese’s (Hershey) – 2
Unilever – 1.9
Wendy’s – 3

Use the links to find contact buttons on the company scorepages to let them know if you disagree with their positions on the issues.

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