Need a PayPal Alternative? Check Out the Latest Addition to 2nd Vote’s Scorepage

TSYS_ProPayLogo_TSYSEarlier this week, when e-commerce giant Paypal announced that it would stand with liberal activists against religious liberty and common sense protections for small business owners in North Carolina, many 2nd Vote members asked for alternatives that better aligned with their values.

In the last few days, our research team has taken a very close look at a payment processing company based in Lehi, Utah called ProPay. This company was of particular interest because, ProPay has made many investments into developing products and strategies for eBay vendors and other e-commerce merchants.

First and foremost, the available research did not show any relationships between ProPay and anti-1st Amendment advocacy groups such as Georgia Prospers and Equality NC.

Secondly, ProPay’s parent company, Total System Services, Inc. was found to have a corporate partnership with the Salvation Army, a charity that affirms Pro-Life and pro-traditional marriage values.

ProPay was also found to be a neutral company on Education and Environmental issues. However, the company’s website does note that it prohibits transactions pertaining to the purchase of firearms on its payment platforms.

Based on the research, 2nd Vote has given ProPay a score of 3.6 (Lean Conservative). You can read the the details leading to this assessment here.

While we will continue to monitor ProPay’s positions on the issues, 2nd Vote believes that this company is an acceptable alternative to PayPal.