New 2nd Vote Scores: Expedia and Priceline

2nd Vote has added two new scores: and

Just ahead of the holiday travel season, 2nd Vote, the conservative consumer resource that connects corporate spending with public policy, released its scores for online travel booking websites and

Expedia, the online travel agency that also owns,, Trivago and, has been given a Lean Liberal rating (2.6) by 2nd Vote’s scoring system, which analyzes a company’s positions and financial involvement on various public policy issues and advocacy causes. The breakdown of Expedia’s score is as follows:

2nd Amendment – Lean Conservative (4): Expedia has helped fund The Heritage Foundation, which advocates has published numerous reports in defense of the 2nd Amendment. Expedia has also contributed to the YWCA, which is a member of the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, an organization that calls for stricter gun-control.
Environment – Lean Liberal (2): Expedia has donated to the Environmental Defense Fund, the World Wildlife Fund and the Nature Conservancy. These liberal organizations have advocated for radical environmental policies such as cap-and-trade and have lobbied against the Keystone XL Pipeline.
Marriage – Liberal (1): In 2012, Expedia announced its support for same sex marriage and Referendum 74, the Washington state referendum to legalize same-sex marriage.
Pro-Life – Liberal (1): Expedia has directly funded Planned Parenthood and the Planned Parenthood Action Fund.
Education – Conservative (5): Expedia has helped fund The Heritage Foundation which advocates for school choice and against the Common Core State Standards.

Priceline, the online travel service known for its “Name Your Own Price” service and owner of OpenTable and KAYAK has been given a Neutral rating (3) by 2nd Vote’s scoring system:

2nd Amendment – Neutral (3): Priceline has remained neutral on 2nd Amendment issues.
Environment – Neutral (3):  Priceline has remained neutral on environment issues.
Marriage – Neutral (3): Priceline has remained neutral on marriage issues.
Pro-Life – Neutral (3): Priceline has remained neutral on life issues.
Education – Neutral (3): Priceline has remained neutral on education issues.

Details on the scores for Expedia, Priceline and hundreds of other companies can be found on 2nd Vote’s website at