New Video Released On Planned Parenthood’s Body Parts For Profit Scandal is reporting that a new video has been released by the Center for Medical Progress that highlights last years series of videos, which seemed to portray Planned Parenthood executives negotiating the sale of body parts for profit. Eleven more disturbing clips followed, some containing more graphic detail than others.

In the second video, Planned Parenthood‘s Medical Directors’ Council President, Dr. Mary Gatter, spoke of the price per fetus negotiation process, jokingly stating:

“I want a Lamborghini.”

More videos displayed the same flippant attitude from the organization’s top officials.

As the videos circled last year, media outlets took notice of 2ndVote’s research of companies who had either directly funded Planned Parenthood or contributed through third party organizations. Due to this corporate exposure, several large names disassociated themselves from the abortion giant, including:

Ford Motor Co.

2ndVote rejoices in the fact that these entities chose to break away from funding Planned Parenthood, and we will continue our work to influence companies to take the same initiative.

See the Center for Medical Progress’ new video detailing a synopsis of all twelve recordings from last year’s scandal here. To learn which companies are supporting Planned Parenthood with your money, check out 2ndVote’s Planned Parenthood resource page here.