New Tax Prep Company Added: Jackson Hewitt


As the countdown to the April 15th tax filing deadline approaches, 2nd Vote has added a new tax preparation company to our database of company scores.

Jackson Hewitt is the second largest tax preparation service in the United States and prepares over 2.5 million computerized federal, state, and local individual income tax returns every year.

2nd Vote’s research found that Jackson Hewitt earned 3 (Neutral) based on available information. The complete assessment can be found on Jackson Hewitt’s score page here.

Conservatives should feel comfortable doing business with “Neutral” companies companies because their dollars won’t be used to fund advocacy. Last week, we highlighted the scores from H&R Block and Intuit in a blogpost kicking off the start of tax season. As a followup, it’s worth reading The Daily Signal‘s piece on H&R Block that lays out the reasons conservatives should be concerned when corporations advocate for policy that violates the principles of limited government:

Nonetheless, H&R Block wants Congress to require tax preparers pass a government exam, pay for continuing education, and pass a background check. These requirements would make working as a tax preparer much more expensive. The continuing education requirement would particularly burden seasonal tax preparers, who work other jobs the rest of the year.

H&R Block argues that these regulations would protect taxpayers from scam artists and fraud. But these are fairly small problems. Out of the tens of millions of tax returns filed each year, the IRS brings charges against only a few hundred.

Moreover, the government has less intrusive ways to protect against scams. The IRS, for example, maintains a directory of highly qualified tax preparers. Anyone worried about being scammed can use one of these certified preparers. This fixes the problems H&R Block has raised without eliminating competition from small businesses.

That is not enough for H&R Block. It wants expensive licensing imposed on all tax preparers. If passed, these regulations would drive many independent tax preparers out of business.

With this in mind, use 2nd Vote to have the information to hold corporations accountable for their advocacy, especially during tax season.