NFL Finalizes $89 Million “Settlement” at Owners Meeting, Passes on Addressing Anthem Protests

The National Football League has finalized a deal committing $90 million to a “social justice initiative” in an apparent settlement with protesting players at this week’s owners meeting in Orlando, Florida.

The deal, which was negotiated last November, will distribute funds to the United Negro College Fund, Van Jones’s Dream Corps, and the Players Coalition, a newly formed entity that intends to apply for 501(c)3 and 501(c)4 status. At that time, several players involved in the controversial kneeling protests indicated they would return to standing during the playing of the national anthem before games.

However, the Washington Times reports no decision was made during this week’s meeting on how the NFL will handle the anthem protests going forward despite the 9.7 percent drop in television ratings over the past season and loss of 8 million Super Bowl viewers.

While fans made their displeasure with the players’ antics known by turning off their television, 2ndVote uncovered financial ties between the NFL Players Association and so-called “resistance” groups funded by liberal billionaire George Soros. Given the NFLPA’s history of funding left-wing activism, it stands to reason that funds from the deal finalized this week could end up supporting similar organizations.

Click here to see the letter 2ndVote’s founder sent to the NFL’s Tennessee Titans on his family’s decision to not renew their season tickets.

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  • Darrell G. Walton

    To know that the NFLPA is rubbing shoulders with anti-American “resistance groups” funded by Public Enemy #1 of our Constitutional Republic George Soros is enough for me!


  • Me

    Fcuk the azzoles!! Never ever again!! Fcuk these losers!!

  • Jarhead

    Some in Congress are getting rich off of the NFL anti-American stance……..They continue to fund the murderous Planned Parenthood and the anti-American NFL.
    Truman said it best long, LONG ago…..” You can’t get rich in politics unless your’re a CROOK”.
    DRAIN the swamp…..shorten Congress Term Limits….start mandatory drug tests in Congress.
    Politicians & Diapers need frequent changes and for the same reason………….

  • Jay

    I didn’t see that any of those $90. million was going to the “Poor white boys FUND? ?
    Just left wing cooks. IDIOTS to build a fund like that to start, Let those players take half their MILLIONS and support whatever they are Bitching about. Boycott NFL. STOP any public moneys to them in any form.