NFL Starts War On Owners, Bans Cowboys’ Jerry Jones From Answering Anthem Questions

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is a businessman. He knows it’s his job to have a team that plays football. Reports indicate that some of his team’s biggest stars stood by their employer problem when it came to how the team would respect the national anthem — because they, too, recognize it’s their job to play football and not engage in left-wing social justice activism on the field.

Well, the NFL isn’t happy. They let the NFL Players Association halt the league’s new anthem rule, they let a player claim making millions of dollars is akin to slavery if Cowboys players are required to stand for the anthem… but they’re muzzling Jones:

Four days after seemingly defying the NFL and letting the world know about his team’s zero-tolerance policy regarding standing for the national anthem, Jones is now not talking about the issue because he has been told not to by the league.

Jones informed several local television stations who had booked him for interviews on their Sunday night show from training camp in Oxnard, Calif., that questions about the national anthem and his team’s policy were not permitted because the NFL had told him to stop speaking on the matter.

Jones has been a bright spot for NFL fans who want to see football instead of racial agitation when they turn on a game. Owners now must decide: will they let the NFL force silence those like Jones who push back against the left’s agitation tactics and demagoguery? Or will they stand with Jones and begin the process of earning back fans’ trust?

Again, owners are supposed to be business people. The NFL lost millions of fans last season. The answer should be easy.

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  • The NFL apparently hasn’t learned its lessons regarding ratings, attendance, etc. They can, of course, do what they want, but to ignore what the fans want seems a bit short-sighted and dumb in my opinion.

  • Stephen Decatur

    Exactly who runs the NFL and where does their authority over “team owners” come from?

    • SurfinUSA

      The owners fear that the black fans will be offended if Jones is “allowed” to speak his mind. They should focus on the other 80% of the fans that believe protesting against the flag is not an issue. Who runs the NFL? Goodell is the tool of the NE teams where all the leftists live.

  • JeepBaja

    Oh but if Jerry wants to take a knee again with his players I’m sure that will be just fine with the NFL.

    I lost my violin to play for that poor victim Jerry, who was forced to take a knee by football players.

  • William

    haven’t watched an NFL game since the first nigerian kneeled.

    • Mel Carbon

      Great name for a new team, “Knigerian Kneelers”

  • Livin in the real world

    I haven’t watched a game in 2 years and quit a Fantasy football league I started 20 years ago. I’m done with idiots who use the the platform that this country gives them to claim they don’t have the same rights as others. Talk about irony! I just don’t understand how liberals can be so condescending and so devoid of facts and truth at the same time.

    • Al Lejdly

      For them to be knowledgeable they would need a brain.

    • TheTexasCooke

      I haven’t watched organized sports on tv since 1980. If I could watch them less, I would. But I did get into Women’s Beach Volleyball in the 2010 Olympics. It was excellent. It was much later I found out they actually keep score, but I can’t for the life of me figure out why. Having said all that, if I was the Cowboys owner, I’d tell the NFL to f-off. They had their chance to fix this and blew it. Folks vote with their feet…and their viewership. Even I know that. At the risk of sounding pedantic, the People elected Trump…that would be the side of the bread with the butter. NOBODY has to watch football! Best keep your product attractive, or minimally, don’t flip-off you consumer.

    • Mel Carbon

      Because, liberalism is a disease….

      • PeoplePower666

        Because liberalism is open minded to people, science and ideas. Conservatives cling to narrow lanes of culture and economics and beleive that that’s all there is to life.

    • Tommy B

      College football is more entertaining, this is year four with no nfl for me.

    • PeoplePower666

      It’s so terrible when people of color have power and platform huh ?

      • FIRESTONE Ins of PA

        not at all but reverse discrimination isn’t a bit better

        • PeoplePower666

          How is non violent protest reverse discrimination?

  • Ftnfl

    Screw the nfl….done with them.

  • Ftnfl


    • patriot2947

      I too loved football, until those morons started dancing and flipping and doing stupid things. I’ve been done for several years now. They can go to hell and dry up. Maybe they can play in China or Russia.

  • Al Lejdly

    If the teams don’t stand together then they will commit suicide. Either way is fine with me.

  • Whoare”they”?✓Deplorable

    Pay them millions of dollars to play a kids game, then they whine like the spoiled little brats they really always have been.

  • Michael Cook

    I had a glimmer of hope there for a moment that I’d be tuning in to a game or two this upcoming season. Alas, the NFL has again spoken.

  • Mel Carbon

    Football is dead to me….

  • B King

    So NFL can’t stand up to players insulting vets and half of the fan base but it can stand up to a guy who owns and employs players. I have not watched, even superbowl, in two years. Won’t ever watch again.

  • James M

    This ought to put the death watch on the NFL.
    When my choices are the NFL or the USA … it’s no contest.
    With this picture, We have this young Marine serving even more.
    Thank you Marine, thank you USA.

  • EverydayInVA

    Should leave the dying NFL, if a few teams like the Cowboys leave and start a new league, the NFL is toast.

  • 1davem

    NFL Players can go to hell. first there holding the owners hostage with there demands. Players either stand or stay in the locker room until the anthem is finished. Better yet just give up you job. Just another black thing too stir the pot and cause more unrest between the races . OWNERS STAND STRONG!!!!. I refuse to watch the NFL any more or and boycott any and all sponsors. And i will as thid of all my friends and family .

  • The NFL went down the rabbit hole of losers, like baseball. I dont care to watch a bunch grown men throw a ball around.

  • patriot2947

    There goes their first amendment by a Communist controlled NFL. Anyone who attends the games ought to relocate to a new nation like Russia or China…

  • PeoplePower666

    Alright, jerry is jerk anyway. Sucks when the big master tells u to shut up doesn’t it ?

  • TheKnowerseeker

    The left poisons everything they touch.