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NFL Threatens Texas Despite Losing Viewers After Controveries

Apparently the NFL didn’t get the memo. After a season of politics and player protests, “total viewership fell an average of 8% among its broadcast partners in 2016” and now the league is still trying to carry the water for the liberal LGBT agenda.

Last year, the first part of the NFL season was marred by controversy as players like Colin Kaepernick used the pregame playing of the national anthem to draw attention to themselves and protest. In a way, it seems Kaepernick was following the lead of the NFL’s front office that felt compelled to stand against religious liberty legislation in Georgia and HB-2 in North Carolina earlier in 2016.

Georgia was threatened with the loss of Super Bowl hosting privileges unless the LGBT and business lobbies were got their way, which they did.

Now, as Texas considers common-sense safety policies that keep men out of women’s restroom facilities, the NFL is once again leading a misinformation campaign and threatening to punish a state for going against the LGBT movement’s dogma. Here is a statement 2ndVote released in response:

The NFL is again sweeping hard left on behalf of the liberal LGBT movement despite all indications that fans are tired of the league’s constant political grandstanding. By issuing threats to punish the State of Texas over common-sense regulations that say men don’t belong in women’s restrooms, the NFL is showing that it cares more about pushing a political agenda than safety and the values of its fans.

Obviously, fans did not appreciate how the NFL tried to bully the states of Georgia and North Carolina over the very same issues less than a year ago. Recent reports show viewership down by 8% last season, the same way Target lost sales last year for putting a radical social agenda over the safety concerns of its customers. People who have decided to shop #AnywhereButTARGET are the very same fans the NFL is losing by supporting the left’s efforts to undermine privacy rights and protections for religious liberty.

Just like Target, whose restroom and fitting room policy cost the retailer a 3% drop in November/December sales, the NFL doesn’t seem to get that the fans are voting with their wallets and their viewing habits. With the #AnywhereButTARGET campaign still gaining momentum beyond the Christmas shopping season, we expect NFL fans to continue tuning out for the same reasons.

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  • glenbo

    Ah yes, Christian bigots taking credit for normal market

    I didn’t realize we were boycotting Walmart as well.

    Wait, isn’t Walmart on the “nice” list?

    How ironic Walmart took hits the exact same time Target did.
    Fake news or confirmation bias?

    • DT

      Yes, you are right Glenbo, Hypocrites indeed.

      Any 2nd Voters still having a Facebook account since the news that an executive officer made a donation to Planned Parenthood is a hypocrite just pretending to boycott. I have been told a few times by 2nd Voters “I never shopped there” when speaking of places they are “boycotting.”

      EVERY time one goes to facebook, they generate ad revenue. That ad revenue pays the executive officers salaries, which enables them to donate to Planned Parenthood. Is that what they mean by the lord working in mysterious ways?

      Some 2nd Voters actually justified their hypocritical actions by stating “it’s okay since I don’t spend MY money there.”

    • glenbo

      >”There have already been several incidences of men filming & peeping at women & little girls at Target stores across the country.”<
      But not one assault in a bathroom by a transgender.
      How many peeping tom incidents happened BEFORE the policy?

  • Paul Raymond

    There’s a way to handle the NFL’s bullying. If they want to put financial pressure on Texas, we can put financial pressure on the NFL:

    NFL Sponsors

    Barclaycard US
    Campbell’s Soup Company
    Courtyard Marriott
    Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI/National Dairy Council)
    Extreme Networks
    Hyundai Motor America
    Mars Snackfood
    Microsoft (XBOX, Surface and Windows)
    News America
    Papa John’s
    Procter & Gamble
    SAP Americas
    TD Ameritrade


    • DT

      THANKS! You bigots are always so helpful in providing list of places I should shop besides Target! Thanks again. I’m going to Target right now to pick up a can of Campbell’s Soup and some Pepsi. I may as well pick up some Frito-Lay chips. On the way home, I’ll grab a couple of Happy Meals for the kids and a Pappa John’s for the adults to enjoy.

    • libsrtheh8ters

      Now try to actually boycott these corporate pimps. They OWN EVERYTHING we buy & they know it.

    • Terry Spencer-Hoekstra

      I’m in!

    • stonebreaker

      great informative post.

  • libsrtheh8ters

    The strongest message would be EMPTY stadiums but the brain dead sports worshippers are as bad as hard core drug addicts, they MUST have their fix of utter & complete mindless entertainment. I thought when a fat, RACIST, stupid black PIG, beyonce, raised her fist in a gesture of black supremacism, black panther/communist fist, & encouraged killing cops at the 2016 halftime show a few light skinned races might be offended. Unfortunately the sheeple have been so completely brainwashed into accepting black racism & violence as their due that it didn’t even dawn on most that they were being disrespected.

    The corporate left is in an all out assault on Christianity, that is what the LGBTQ-FU movement is really all about. By making every form of sexual deviancy into a civil rights movement & a PROTECTED class they have successfully eliminated the 1st amendment. The Civil Rights Act actually accomplished that goal by removing the rights of association & conscience, that is why you should ALWAYS be very suspicious of feel good legislation. If they, the political whores, are playing on your emotions it is ALWAYS a LIE to rob you of your rights & give them more power.

  • stonebreaker

    college ball is far more entertaining, without all the violence shown towards women by some members of the nfl.

  • WhoHasMyChange

    Biting the hand that feeds them? The ratings for the NFL broadcasts were highest when Dallas was on a tear. Not that the Cowboys would ever leave the NFL, but one has to wonder if the progressives making these calls really understand business and accounting?

  • Refuz Tosay

    just cancelled my NFL sunday ticket with DirectTV – next season – NO NFL viewing in our household…

    • stonebreaker

      me too, not going to support them any longer. college games are more exciting and fun to watch.

  • GhostofLiberty

    I don’t miss the NFL one iota. They’re going to end up worse off than the NBA (the worst of the bunch).

  • stonebreaker

    college football is the only way to go. how kaepernick and his ilk are still in the league is beyond me. the queers will ruin the game just like their bathroom bill.