Nike Could Have Chosen Constructive Collaboration On Black Lives. It Still Can.

Nike Could Have Chosen Constructive Collaboration On Black Lives. It Still Can.

Watching Nike abase itself before the false race narrative of Colin Kaepernick has been painful for us at 2ndVote. Per our mission statement, we want America’s corporations to do right by their customers instead of backing left-wing ideologies which violate American values and our nation’s treasured traditions.

Police groups are responding in force to the falsehoods pushed by Nike, Kaepernick, and others. For just two examples, a police union in Florida is rescinding discounted tickets to Miami Dolphins games after two players knelt, and the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) slammed Nike’s decision to distort race relations. As NAPO noted in its newsletter:

The inclusion of Mr. Kaepernick in Nike’s “Just Do It” ad campaign also perpetuates the falsehood that police are racist and aiming to use force against African Americans and persons of color. In reality, officers across the nation risk their lives not only protecting the athletes featured in Nike’s various campaigns, but also serve aspiring athletes across the country who use the Nike brand, through the thousands of Police Athletic Leagues, Boys and Girls Clubs and Big Brother/Big Sister programs where our officers donate their time and energy. They deserve to have the respect and full support of corporate citizens like Nike.

NAPO is right on. The idea that America’s police are stalking the streets to kill black Americans is an atrocious lie which paints all police with the actions of a few and creates enmity between millions of well-intentioned Americans.

This false narrative also ruins what could otherwise be a constructive conversation on race, policing, and the law. Why would or should NAPO and other police groups try to find common ground given Nike’s and Kaepernick’s lies? Such conversations can only happen when both sides of an issue are acting in good faith.

Therefore, we at 2ndVote — in our role as conservative corporate watchdog — urge NAPO’s corporate backers to pressure Nike to become a constructive, instead of harmful, voice in the urgent debate about racism, policing, and the law.

Imagine what would happen if USAA, Humana, JP Morgan, and NAPO’s other sponsors publicly urged Nike to offer solutions instead of slogans? The destructive narrative could easily change to one of productive discussions between police, players, activists, and some of America’s largest corporations.

2ndVote has hundreds of thousands of supporters who are ready for America’s history of racial strife to finally come to an end. They represent tens of millions of conservative Americans who have the same goal — and we know average liberal Americans are with them.

USAA, Humana, Nike — these corporations could start a new conversation that could accomplish this worthy goal. It would be good for business, it would be great for customers, and it would be best for America.

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