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Not Just North Carolina, Liberals Want To Remove Christian Colleges From NCAA

Don’t fall in the trap of thinking the left’s recent move to politicize sports over sexual orientation and gender identity, or SOGI, issues is limited to North Carolina.

An article published by Outsports, the LGBT-centric member of the sports blog network SB Nation, is calling for the complete ouster of the Mormon Church owned Brigham University (BYU) and several other religious universities by the NCAA.

From the article:

If the NCAA is serious, it is only a matter of time before BYU gets kicked out of the association. And every other school with an anti-LGBT policy will be removed as well.

Earlier this summer, the NBA announced that it would be moving its All-Star game from Charlotte to New Orleans over North Carolina’s HB2, the common-sense measure implemented by the state legislature after the City of Charlotte passed an ordinance that would allow men into women’s bathrooms and threatened the religious liberty of small business owners and other individuals. This week, the NCAA and Atlantic Coast Conference followed suit and announced that they would be moving sanctioned championship events out of North Carolina, including the ACC’s football championship game.

Outsports opines that the NCAA must revoke membership for BYU and several other religious schools because of their positions on same-sex relationships that are based on the tenets of their faith.

Conservatives should be paying very close attention because what’s happening in North Carolina. Liberal LGBT activists have been very successful in using the NBA, NCAA, and ACC to carry the water for their agenda and their target is more than just HB2.

Just a few weeks ago, we saw how liberals in California were working to pass legislation that would eliminate 1st Amendment protections for religious universities that operate in accordance with the tenets of their faith. In California, LGBT groups enlisted the help of major corporations like Walmart and AT&T in the pursuit their anti-religious liberty agenda just like the left is using the governing bodies of these sports organizations in North Carolina.

These stories underscore the true goal of those working to implement SOGI laws in states and municipalities across the country: the elimination of faith-based teachings on matters of family and society.