80,000 NRA Members and a Shannon Watts Sighting In Atlanta This Weekend

80,000 NRA Members and a Shannon Watts Sighting In Atlanta This Weekend

Over 80,000 firearm enthusiasts and 2nd Amendment supporters are expected in Atlanta this weekend for the National Rifle Association’s Annual Meetings. The event is always an impressive display of where many people stand on the right to keep and bear arms.

However, a few blocks away from the Georgia World Congress Center, another gathering will take place, one that has also become somewhat of an annual event, but is much more ‘intimate.’

Professional agitator Shannon Watts and her Bloomberg funded Moms Demand Action will be hosting their annual “counter-rally” that has become a mainstay on the periphery of the NRA Annual Meetings. Just don’t be fooled by the inordinate amount of coverage the media gives these shrill liberals.

BearingArms.com has done some very good work covering the smattering of attendees at these Moms Demand events over the past few years:

The promises of Bloomberg’s bought-and-paid-for anti-gun vanity project is more than a little amusing. The tiny coffee klatchs Moms Demand/Everytown have been able to pull together “in opposition” to the NRA Annual meetings have been dismal failures, each and every one.


This was the Moms Demand Action rally in 2014 in Indianapolis. Including journalists and Shannon Watts’ armed personal security detail, they drew precisely 156 people (myself included).

The 2015 attempt to counter-protest the NRA Annual Meeting  in Nashville was even more lame, numbering just 100-150 people (and I was being very generous with my crowd estimate). Many of the area restaurants had longer wait lists.

BearingArms.com also has coverage on last year’s Moms Demand rally that only had a few dozen attendees.

Unfortunately, despite photographic evidence that the Moms Demand and Watts have a very limited mainstream appeal, especially compared to the number of NRA members standing for the 2nd Amendment, many businesses have caved to the bullying campaigns led by Watts. Chili’sSonicPanera Bread and others have all disarmed their law-abiding customers just to keep these professional activists happy. Remember, Watts is a savvy PR professional who instigates controversy wherever she goes, just look at how she stirred up the United Airlines “leggings scandal” a few weeks ago.

That’s why more companies should be looking at Kroger’s example of how to diffuse the fake controversies Watts and Moms Demand create. Kroger’s common-sense response asking customers to follow the law and “be respectful of others” is exactly how companies should handle the (non)Gunsense crowd.

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