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Obama’s Sec. of Education Is Wrong About Homeschooling

Obama’s Secretary of Education, John King, has voiced concern over the growing popularity of homeschooling across the nation. According to The Daily Signal, he worries that ‘students who are homeschooled are not getting kind of the rapid instructional experience they would get in school.’ This is far from the truth, especially given this fact:

“Recent federal efforts to establish national standards and tests through Common Core have heightened concerns among many parents that they no longer have a seat at the table when it comes to what is taught in their child’s public school.”

Parents should have a right to choose the education that they see best fits the individual needs of their child.

Something that King does not seem to understand is homeschooled students are often times presented with the most challenging curriculum available. Research has even proven that students who undergo homeschooling are more adequately prepared for college-level work. A recent, rather sad statistic suggests that only one-third of public school eighth grade students can actually read proficiently. Something about this scenario is not working, and it screams that there is a need for improvement within the nation’s public school system.

Another piece of information that Secretary King seems to be missing is that homeschooled students actually have access to multiple networks in which they can build lasting relationships through co-ops and sports leagues. Tim Tebow, for example, played football in Florida while being homeschooled because the state allows students to join public school sports teams.

As homeschooling numbers continue to rise, it is likely that officials will express more concern as parents move away from standardized education towards a more free market approach to education.

Do not forget that many corporations are advocating for or against issues like school choice and Common Core. Learn more about where the companies you shop with each day stand on education issues here. Students deserve better than what they are receiving in our schools, and we must all work together to make a change.

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