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One of these saves lives, the other is just a march

This weekend, radical leftists will participate in the so-called “March for Our Lives” in Washington, DC to advance an agenda that demonizes guns and gun owners. While organizers will portray this event as a spontaneous protest by young people, the “March” is actually a well-organized project of the Bloomberg-backed “Everytown” and professional agitator Shannon Watt’s “Moms Demand Action.”

These groups are well-funded and have no qualms against exploiting tragedy to advance their anti-2nd Amendment agenda. They also have the support of liberal celebrities and companies like American Eagle, Aetna, Gucci, and Lyft.

Your can also be certain the media will provide glowing coverage of the protestors, purposefully ignoring young people who hold an opposing view.

However, what you won’t hear from the protestors is how guns are used every day to prevent crime and, for that matter, save lives.

Below is a gun we’ve been watching 2ndVote Guncam for over 250 days and could be used by a law-abiding citizen to defend himself or his family. Furthermore, we have yet to observe any indication that this gun will initiate any acts of violence:

That’s why we need your help sharing a simple message. Let’s illustrate how the so-called “March for Our Lives” is another political rally organized exploit tragedy and advance the left’s agenda while highlighting how guns are not only safe, but can prevent acts of violence as well.

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