One Month Until 4/15



In the next few weeks, many taxpayers and their accountants will go through the final scramble as the annual filing deadline approaches. Many do-it-yourselfers will take matters into their own hands and use state-of-the-art tax prep software that helps reduce printing costslines at the post office.

Conservatives during this time will undoubtedly strengthen their resolve against the runaway spending by Washington as they add up the dollars from their paychecks that support the federal government. 2nd Vote also wants to make sure these conservatives, both fiscal AND social are aware that the dollars they spend on tax preparation software can also be used in ways that go against their values.

Two of the most popular tax services that individuals will use are scored in 2nd Vote’s database, TurboTax, a product made by Intuit, and H&R Block.

Intuit, which is also known for it’s Quickbooks accounting software, scores a 1.8 (Liberal) on 2nd Vote’s point scale. Research shows that Intuit has made direct donations to liberal environmental groups like Greenpeace and the Sierra Club. Last year, Intuit also publicly urged the Supreme Court to overturn protections for traditional marriage in the Obergefell case. Furthermore, Intuit is listed on 2nd Vote’s Pro-Life Resource Page as a direct contributor to Planned Parenthood.

H&R Block, on the other hand, receives a much more neutral score, 2.9, on 2nd Vote’s scale. H&R Block’s Life score is a 2 because of contributions to a UnitedWay affiliate that funds Planned Parenthood. However, H&R Block has remained neutral on all of the other issues.

Use the database to see the details and the research behind the scores of these two companies and hundreds of others here.