OneNewsNow: Clothing company retreats from feminist icon


OneNewsNow asked 2nd Vote to weigh in on Lands’ End’s decision to pull the Gloria Steinem feature from its Spring/Easter catalog and the apparent discontinuation of the initiative to raise money for Steinem’s organization.

“Land’s End, a well-known mostly catalogue-based clothing outlet, put together in their catalogue an interview of Gloria Steinem – the noted feminist and activist who is mostly known for her very strong pro-abortion stance,” he tells OneNewsNow.

In the article, Land’s End stated a portion of their clothing embroidery fees would go to a Steinem lobby fund which, in part, would lobby for liberal causes including abortion.

When 2nd Vote publicized the information and people got into action, Land’s End not only pulled the article from their online catalogue, but also issued an apology.

“It’s just a sign that when conservatives actually do stand up for what they believe in and go to companies and say, We don’t want to fund these values that are against what we believe in, they can actually affect some change,” he says.

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