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Op-Ed: Conservatives Flex Their Financial Muscle and Companies Like Lands’ End and Target Pay a Steep Price

2ndVote has an op-ed in The Stream today that discusses how conservative are holding companies like Lands’ End and Target accountable for their liberal advocacy.

From the article:

Last Monday’s resignation of Lands’ End CEO Federica Marchionni appears to conclude a bizarre attempt to celebrate a company’s ethos by aligning with social activism. Marchionni, introduced a new “Legends Series” feature in the spring edition of the iconic Lands’ End catalog with an interview of Gloria Steinem as “(someone who) made a difference.” The interview also launched an initiative to fund an organization related to Steinem by passing along a portion of the monogramming fees from any item ordered with Steinem’s ERA Coalition logo.

Mark Cohen, the former CEO of Sears Canada pointed out the gravity of this misstep: “You don’t inject… the social conscience of Gloria Steinem into a mainstream brand like Lands’ End without running a real risk of brand abuse.”

We would add this is especially true when your business is known for supplying uniforms to private schools, of which many are faith-based.

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