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Participate In March For Life In Cities Across The Country

Liberals made a big mess in our nation’s capital during the Women’s March on Washington on the day following Donald Trump’s inauguration. A rather unclear agenda of expressing opposition to the new President and the celebration of identity politics seemed to be at the forefront of the liberal movement. Ironically, the Women’s March came less than one week before the March for Life, the largest pro-life rally in the world. The timing seems impeccable.

As one group twists the definition of “human rights” to somehow uphold the right to abortion, the other focuses on building a culture that embraces life. You can actually join the March for Life in Washington, DC in remembrance of the millions who have lost their lives to abortion and help shape a Pro-Life course for America.

If you cannot make it to Washington, you can still participate. There are dozens of March for Life events taking place in cities across the nation in conjunction with the rally on Capitol Hill. Click here to find a city near you participating in this occasion and join pro-lifers as you unite to march for life!

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