Pastor Ordered Turn Over Sermons to Government

Pastor Dr. Eric Walsh is suing the Georgia Department of Public Health after being ordered by Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens to hand over his sermons to the government for further investigation.

Dr. Walsh is standing up for religious liberty and refuses to comply with such blatant acts of oppressing the right to worship and preach as one see’s fit. He says, “No government has the right to require a pastor to turn over his sermons, I cannot and will not give up my sermons unless i am forced to do so.”

Pastor Walsh has undergone scrutiny on his preaching, coming under heavy fire after delivering sermons that included what the Bible says about same-sex marriage. Dr. Walsh has filed a lawsuit and has numerous prominent names on his side, including First Liberty Institute, one of the nation’s most prominent religious liberty law firms, according to the Fox’s report.  

Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council, condemned the Georgia Department of Public Affairs and called on Georgia Governor Nathan Deal to “correct this egregious overreach of the state into church affairs.”  

We will continue to provide updates as this story develops.