It’s Peak Charity Giving Season. Please Become A 2ndVote Member.

It’s Peak Charity Giving Season. Please Become A 2ndVote Member.

For more than five years, 2ndVote has kept an eye on America’s corporations. We do our best to hold them accountable on behalf of you — the millions of 2ndVote shoppers who deserve to have your dollars used in accordance with your values.

Like the pro-life movement, we’d love to go out of business. But just like the pro-life movement will exist until abortion is unthinkable and abortion-vulnerable women are fully supported throughout pregnancy, 2ndVote will continue to do our work to ensure that the American people know where corporations stand on America’s values of religious liberty, marriage, abortion, gun control, education, the environment, and immigration.

You know that America is at a precipice on these important issues. We need your help. Please become a 2ndVote member. Help us hold corporations accountable.

The fact is that it takes money to do our research and get it out to the public, to the press, and to lawmakers. Each of the 800 companies we’ve researched cost $1,500 — meaning we’ve spent over one million dollars just getting our research in place.

But there’s always more to do. We plan to unveil research showing how corporations’ Get Out The Vote efforts are merely cover for left-wing activism. We’ve already exposed United Way’s chapters’ support for abortion, and we continue to hold the NFL accountable on the national anthem controversy. We were a leader in the Target boycott, and we continue to hold left-wing activist corporations like Starbucks accountable.

Again, please consider becoming a 2ndVote member as you ponder where you’ll send your charitable donations this giving season.

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