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PepsiCo CEO Retires, Leaving Legacy Of Left-Wing Activism

PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is resigning after 12 years leading the company. Her leadership has seen the company’s stock rise, its products become healthier — and a liberal agenda dominate its corporate donations.

2ndVote’s research shows that PepsiCo fails our test on practically every issue. They support the National Urban League and the Center for American Progress, companies which oppose Second Amendment rights. Pepsico is a member of several groups which support cap-and-trade and a carbon tax, and they stand with the radical LGBT group Human Rights Campaign both through donations and by receiving a score of 100 on the Human Rights Campaign “Corporate Equality Index.”

That score means that PepsiCo’s internal policies are fully left-wing on marriage and religious liberty — and their donations show this. Their only pro-marriage donation is to The Salvation Army.

On life, PepsiCo’s donations mostly go to pro-abortion groups. They are a direct donor to Planned Parenthood and a corporate backer of Center for Reproductive Rights. They do donate to Catholic Charities and The Salvation Army, but only through matching employee gifts.

You get the picture. Pepsico is on the corporate board for UnidosUS, formerly known as La Raza — a group which backs sanctuary cities — and on education its corporate support is towards groups which support Common Core, though the Business Roundtable donation also supports school choice.

Of course, there are alternatives for beverage choices and we encourage 2ndVote shoppers to use their dollars in a way that will encourage the next CEO to chart a better course. For example, products made by Dr. Pepper/Snapple and the National Beverage Corporation have a score of 3 (Neutral) in our database.

Use the button’s below to tell PepsiCo’s new CEO that you’re purchasing a competitor’s products — because nothing tastes better than a great beverage without the liberal agenda.

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  • Robert E. Lee ca.

    A&W Root Beer, is my soda of choice.

  • Gr8Day 2Play

    2ndVote is a white supremacy, nazi-loving website and I have no idea how I got onto the distribution for this drool. I am just about to “manage” my subscription.

    • Appreciate

      Good idea, son. Now run along and play!

      • Gr8Day 2Play

        It’s better than work, which I don’t have to do anymore. You know why? Because my diversified stock portfolio includes at healthy portion of that horrible, liberal, left-wing danger to white supremacy, Pepsi (NYSE: PEP). Notice that I used the word “diversified” when describing my investment portfolio. It’s because diversity is a strategy to reduce risk by limiting your exposure to any one kind of investment. People are like this too. You should have diversity in the people that you accept into your country and your way of thinking because it reduces your risk of being exposured to only one way of thinking. It’s amazing to me that that racist Donald Chump doesn’t understand this, being the big-shot captain of industry that he is and all. But I forgot, the only reason he was ever even able to survive his stupid real estate investment decisions was that the banks realized that the Trump name had a scintilla of value left from his father and decided there was more value in keeping this idiot in place as CEO than there would be from foreclosing on all of the crap he built, putting numerous small business owners in the breadline along the way. Yep. He’s one stand-up dude. Which raises a question for me. How is Corporal Spanky Bonespurs able to stand or play golf with those bonespurs in his feet he was able to dodge the draft five times with?

        • Appreciate

          Yeah and I retired at 48 the old fashioned way — building a business. You’re just another self-loathing tool squawking about your portfolio, covering up your idiocy with ego, narcissism, a big mouth and hubris. Real women like myself despise you arrogant tools. You’re laughable— just a petty little boy pathetically jealous of a man a million times more successful than you could ever be, given a hundred lives to try. A self-hating prog pretending to be something you’re not. Yawn.

          • Gr8Day 2Play

            My business is capitalism, the same one you assert having used to build a business. And no one who loves what they’re doing actually retires at 48, which makes me highly skeptical of your comments. Anyways, welcome back from DC after your failed white supremacy rally where only 20 of you showed up.

        • Sunflower

          All Progressives should be moving to Australia like Matt Damon. Walk the walk socialist.

    • Sunflower

      Happy Birthday sock puppet.
      BLOCKED for spreading lies about 2nd Vote! Take your socialism and move to Mexico or Canada. America is the land of capitalism.

    • TheKnowerseeker

      Did the sunlight burn you, vampire?

  • TheKnowerseeker

    Forget animal testing: PepsiCo used/uses cells from aborted babies to taste-test their products. Research it.