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Planned (Grand)Parenthood

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, grandmas decide to promote abortion. That’s right. A group of grandmother’s in Maine have decided it is their duty to advocate for the reproductive rights of their children and grandchildren. Planned Parenthood of course ate it up and promoted the group, “Grandmothers for Reproductive Rights,” on social media this week. In the image on Twitter is a picture of doting grandma, Judy Kahrl, who founded the group, with her two young granddaughters all sporting their yellow “GRR” tees.

In a recent interview, Kahrl states:

“There is something about grandmothers doing this, working with this and caring, because it’s not for us at this point. It is for our daughters, our sons, our grandsons, our granddaughters.”

Kahrl seems to enjoy her grandchildren, but doesn’t it seem ironic that she would want to steal that joy from others by promoting the termination of innocent lives?

Remember that Planned Parenthood serves as our nation’s largest abortion provider and continues to be caught in scandalous situations, yet many corporations fund the organization. We discovered this week that Craiglist serves as a large donor, contributing over $50,000 to Planned Parenthood! Some other funders include Clorox, PayPal and Starbucks. Discover more companies by visiting our resource page here.