Planned Parenthood And Samsung Team Up For Virtual Reality Project At DNC

Planned Parenthood partnered with Samsung to create a virtual experience for attendees at the Democratic National Convention. Technological imagery gives viewers a 7-minute clip of the abortion clinic experience. Scenes comprised of protests and in-clinic reality are intended to cause the viewer to empathize with the woman about to undergo the procedure.

This virtual film by Planned Parenthood accomplishes exactly what the organization does best; it lies to women to make them believe their best interest is at heart, when really, this is just a catchy sales pitch meant to bring more profit to the abortion giant.

As we saw last year through the body part for profit scandal, Planned Parenthood is rather well-versed at deceiving its patients in order to yield a profit.

To run such a massive operation, Planned Parenthood takes taxpayer money, as well as corporate support. And in order to pull off its virtual video, the organization had Samsung (with a liberal 2ndVote score of 1) on its side to provide the equipment needed to produce such a high-tech experience.

Planned Parenthood can’t run on its own. It requires support of every kind to function. Check out our Planned Parenthood resource page to learn which companies are funding the organization and keep these in mind as you spend your money.