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Planned Parenthood Closed 32 Facilities in 2017

“Planned Parenthood Federation of America is a rapidly shrinking organization,” reports a pro-life group.

In its annual study of Planned Parenthood facilities, American Life League (ALL) has found the abortion giant closed 32 locations over the course of 2017. According to the study, only 597 Planned Parenthood facilities remain open across the country. 1995 saw the highest number of Planned Parenthood facilities with 938.

ALL’s STOPP (STOP Planned Parenthood) campaign launched in 1985 to halt the spread of Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. In 1993, Planned Parenthood announced an initiative to open 2,000 facilities by the year 2000. However, thanks to ALL and the pro-life movement’s work, the abortionist never eclipsed 1,000 and 2017’s 597 represents the lowest number of Planned Parenthood facilities since the campaign began.

Jim Sedlak, ALL’s executive director, writes:

The dwindling facilities and customer numbers have also had an effect on Planned Parenthood’s single most profitable activity—abortions. Despite its ever-increasing emphasis on abortion, it has struggled to even maintain its abortion business numbers. Over the last eight years, PP has averaged 328,302 abortions a year—with very little year-to-year fluctuation. Now 328,000 is a lot of dead innocent human beings (even one is too many), but, as the report shows, it is estimated that at least 50,000 babies will be saved in 2018 because these PP centers are no longer around.

Eliminating corporate support for Planned Parenthood’s abortion business is another way to force the closure of Planned Parenthood facilities. Therefore, we developed our Planned Parenthood list as a resource to show what companies are directly funding the abortion giant.

Since we created this resource, five major corporations (AT&T, Coca-Cola, Ford, Macy’s, and Xerox) have all publicly stated they no longer support Planned Parenthood. Who will be the next?

See which companies financially support Planned Parenthood here and use the links to contact these companies directly.

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