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Planned Parenthood In Wisconsin Forced To Close Its Doors

The Grand Chute Planned Parenthood in Appleton, Wisconsin has shut its doors for good due to difficulty finding an abortionist for the location. The clinic has had a rocky year, and Wisconsin Right to Life is thanking God for this closing.

According to LifeSiteNews, Heather Weininger, who serves as executive director for the pro-life organization, stated:

“We are absolutely thrilled that unborn children will no longer lose their lives at this abortion facility. As more and more women choose life every year in the state of Wisconsin, Planned Parenthood’s profit margin suffers.” 

When innocent lives are saved, it is always a celebrated victory. Remember that corporations are helping fund Planned Parenthood either directly or through third party groups. Visit our resource page to learn more about the companies funding the largest abortion provider in the country. By voting with our dollars, we can begin to make a difference.