Planned Parenthood Issues New Voter Guides, Continues the “Women’s Health” Charade {Issues: Life, 1st Amendment}

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Planned Parenthood Issues New Voter Guides, Continues the “Women’s Health” Charade {Issues: Life, 1st Amendment}

With Election Day around the corner, Planned Parenthood (1.21) isn’t holding anything back. America’s largest abortion company just launched two voter guides in 10 swing states which are designed to garner votes for the Democratic Party. 

The voter guides don’t officially say, “vote for Democrats.” But it’s certainly not Republicans who are all about “abortion, climate change, health care, minimum wage, education, and 1st Amendment rights.” It is no coincidence that these issues are vital to the liberal cause. The guides’ targeted demographics – youth and people of color – lean left when it comes to politics. 

But Planned Parenthood continues to pretend its guides are non-partisan. Director of Constituency Campaigns, Amanda Matos, called abortion essential reproductive healthcare.” Again, which party’s politicians consider abortion “essential” or “healthcare”? The divide is clear. Apparently, the left’s idea of healthcare involves murdering innocent children and scarring their mothers for life. 

But none of this political agenda would be possible without funding. Much of Planned Parenthood’s $1.5 billion budget comes from private companies who feign interest in women’s healthcare – including what it spends on politics. Worse, some of these donors won’t even own up to it. Bank of America’s spokesperson stated that they “[do] not make any direct grants to Planned Parenthood.” Yet the company appeared on a list of donors for Planned Parenthood galas. 

Similarly, United Way claims that few local chapters choose to donate, but the numbers suggest otherwise. When it comes to funding a company that not only kills babies but covers up the abuse of underage girls and the illegal sale of baby parts, any amount is too much. 

The words and actions of Planned Parenthood and its donors contradict one another. Are they really concerned with women’s health, or political outcomes? If companies truly stand for women’s health, they must withdraw their support from Planned Parenthood. Charity funds are better spent on organizations that conduct safe medical practices and don’t push partisan political agendas – and corporate funds are better spent on customers.