Planned Parenthood Just Admitted It Doesn’t Care About Women’s Health

Planned Parenthood Just Admitted It Doesn’t Care About Women’s Health

Planned Parenthood is America’s largest abortion company. It kills hundreds of thousands of babies each year, scarring women, damaging fathers and destroying families. 

It also just fired its first physician CEO in a half-century and replaced her with a political activist. Its famed former CEO Cecile Richards, who stepped down last year, was a political activist, not a health care professional.

If Planned Parenthood is more about politics and abortion than women’s health, then why do corporations and non-profits give hundreds of millions of dollars to Planned Parenthood each year? Why did Bank of America feel funding Planned Parenthood was more important than being honest with shareholders?

It’s because corporations fear the abortion industry more than 2ndVote Americans. It’s time to change that – here’s how:

1. Most importantly, continue to elect pro-life politicians in Washington, in your state government, and locally. Your work to elect pro-life politicians has brought great results in our nation’s capital and in certain states where elected officials are defending life!

  1. Use your 2ndVote power. Refuse to buy from, or donate to, any organization which backs Planned Parenthood. Then spend your money at competitors of companies which fund Planned Parenthood. For example, Coldwell Banker (3 – Neutral) is neutral on abortion, and its parent company donates to the Salvation Army (5 – Conservative).

A 2ndVote score of 3 or greater is the goal of 2ndVote for all corporations and non-profits. 

The irony is that ending unborn life is just one of Planned Parenthood’s horrific policies. The company also covers up sex abuse of underage girls. It used to illegally sell baby body parts, and it is a necessary service for prostitution and sex trafficking. It defrauds taxpayers. It is ripe for losing all governmental and corporate support – so let’s dig deep and make it happen.

It won’t be easy, but the most important things never are. The children are worth it.