Planned Parenthood’s Financial Backers Should Ditch After SCOTUS Freak-Out

Planned Parenthood’s Financial Backers Should Ditch After SCOTUS Freak-Out

Liberal groups are freaking out over President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. Their anti-American values and partisanship are pathetically obvious — even Maine’s liberal Republican Senator Susan Collins has described Kavanaugh as “qualified” for the nation’s highest court. Collins voted for Kavanaugh for a lower judicial position in 2006, according to Politico.

If the nomination of a constitutional-focused justice wasn’t so important, the great liberal tantrum of 2018 would be hilarious. The Woman’s March organization sent out a pre-drafted press release bashing Kavanaugh — but the release’s lead did not include his name, just a placeholder. The Democratic Party’s official Twitter account likewise included a photo of a different judge when they bashed Kavanaugh.

In the midst of it all, America’s largest abortion company is throwing its weight behind the shrieking insanity that has become liberal opposition to anything with Trump’s name on it.

Like other groups such as NARAL (see one of their Tweets below), Planned Parenthood is making such a big deal out of this nomination for three reasons:

  1. Kavanaugh’s placement on the U.S. Supreme Court would be a political victory for Trump.
  2. Kavanaugh would likely rule in favor of unborn life, given past decisions, statements, and the support he had from The Federalist Society.
  3. Planned Parenthood fears losing its access to the government teat. Approximately 40 percent of the abortion giant’s revenues come from taxpayers.

It’s long past time for Planned Parenthood’s financial backers to ditch a company which relies on taxpayer dollars to slaughter unborn children. The fact is that Democrats have very little chance to stop Kavanaugh from getting to the U.S. Supreme Court, which means every dollar raised to #StopKavanaugh is going to a political machine — not to stop the nomination. It’s another lie from an organization which thrives on deception.

Below are Planned Parenthood’s corporate and non-profit sponsors. Be sure to tell them exactly how you feel about their use of your second vote dollars to support Planned Parenthood’s partisan, anti-American freak-out.

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