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Planned Parenthood’s Money Grab Politicizes Zika

Anyone dealing with Zika needs medical attention, not an abortion. However, Planned Parenthood has been using the outbreak as an excuse to encourage more abortions and has gone so far as to say that their abortion clinics “are the front lines of defense when it comes to battling Zika.”

An article from The Daily Signal points out:

“It makes no sense to allocate Zika funds to Planned Parenthood… Instead… Zika health-related funds should go to federally qualified health centers that are equipped to treat the virus and its effects on patients and children, both born and unborn.”

Why is this even an issue? Because dollars in the form of federal funding to fight the virus are at stake, which the Senate may vote on today, according to The New York Times.

Tom McClusky, who serves as vice president of government affairs for March for Life Action, told The Daily Signal:

“Planned Parenthood is like a pig searching for truffles. If [money] is there, they’re going to go searching it out.”

Senator John Thune made the claim that because of the special interest group “snapping their fingers,” Zika funding would no longer occur. And if you will recall from our article last week, Planned Parenthood is not focused on “women’s health,” let alone health care in general. They care about performing abortions.

Remember that the twisted agenda of Planned Parenthood is being funded not only by your taxpayer money but also by major corporations that you spend your money with each day. Check out our resource page here to learn which companies have either funded directly or through third party groups to further the abortion giant’s agenda.