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Planned Parenthood’s Parenting Plan: “Just Google It”

Planned Parenthood apparently has a new slogan to uphold: Just Google it. This is what the abortion giant told multiple women who inquired about pregnancy services like prenatal care, ultrasounds and adoption information. None of those services are offered by Planned Parenthood, so they tell women to Google search the information they need in order to have a healthy pregnancy.

You see, Planned Parenthood wants the public to believe that they exist for “women’s health,” but the truth is they stand to provide abortions. This is becoming more evident with the release of videos such as this one by Live Action.

In this recording, you hear a young woman say: “Like, do you have any… parenting resources at all?” To which, Planned Parenthood apparently responds: “Um, I could google it for you and see, but you could Google it yourself.”

In other words, if you are wanting to carry out a pregnancy, Planned Parenthood wants nothing to do with you. They are too busy working to get their 320,000 abortions done each year to worry about prenatal care.

Remember that major corporations continue to fund the abortion machine either directly or through third party groups. Check out our resource page and see how companies like Ben & Jerry’s and Starbucks contribute to Planned Parenthood. Reach out and tell them, “Stop funding Planned Parenthood’s abortion agenda!”