Planned Parenthood’s Racism Is Showing. It’s Time We Stopped Enabling Them {Issue: Life}

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Planned Parenthood’s Racism Is Showing. It’s Time We Stopped Enabling Them {Issue: Life}

Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion provider, likes to bill itself as concerned with racial equality, despite its origins in racist eugenics. But the recent firing of their Pennsylvania Chapter Executive Director over racial discrimination suggests that racism is alive and well within Planned Parenthood. 

On a closer look, it becomes clear that despite the image Planned Parenthood strives to project, racism, ethical issues, and downright illegal activities have been endemic in the organization since its founding. More and more disturbing evidence shows how Planned Parenthood has for years covered up the illegal sale of baby parts, facilitated medical fraud, and neglected to report abuse of minors — sometimes multiple instances of abuse which led to underage girls receiving abortion services. 

And Planned Parenthood’s recent debacle with racism in the Pennsylvania Chapter is only one in a series of controversies relating to discrimination. In another recent controversy, Lauren McQuade, the head of Planned Parenthood Great Plains — a Planned Parenthood affiliate group — parted ways with the company after she “created a culture of fear and intimidation,” and limited “upward mobility for Black staff”. 

But the bottom line is that this racist, unethical, and illegal behavior is easily hushed up by throwing money at the problem. While Planned Parenthood certainly does whatever it can to extort taxpayer funding, much of their $1.5 billion budget comes from corporate donors. It’s unconscionable that companies who claim to work for the public good would pour so much money into an organization which promotes the murder of babies, covers up sex abuse, and has such close ties with racism. If corporations want to keep their reputation untarnished, if they want us to continue giving them our 2ndVote dollars, they must withdraw their funding from Planned Parenthood and give it to organizations which value every life, no matter the stage or skin color.