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Planned Parenthood’s Stench Infused into Bath & Body Works Products

Bath & Body Works is an enormous — and enormously successful! — corporation. Alas, all of its body care and fragrance products can’t hide the stink of how its parent company, L Brands, uses your shopping dollars for left-wing political advocacy.

Our research shows just how out of touch L Brands is with conservative shoppers. Did you know that they support YWCA? YWCA opposes your right to carry concealed and your right to engage in self-defense under Stand Your Ground laws. YWCA also supports same-sex “marriage” and abortion.

On the environment, L Brands has joined two environmental groups which support cap-and-trade. And on marriage, L Brand funds the National Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce and sent $30,000 to Human Rights Campaign in 2016.

Worst of all, L Brands funds abortion directly and indirectly. They back YWCA, United Way chapters which fund Planned Parenthood, and Susan G. Komen in addition to sending money directly to Planned Parenthood. In 2016, they sent $10,000 to a Planned Parenthood chapter.

What this means for 2ndVote shoppers is that we have a chance to send a message. Avoid Bath & Body Works this Christmas shopping season. You’ll have an impact; a massive portion of Bath & Body Works’ revenues come in because of Christmas shoppers.

The message will be received loud and clear at L Brands if we all work together: stop sending consumer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and denying the right to self-defense.

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  • Siobhan

    This just makes me want to buy more from them! 🙂

    • SpecificCanary

      Bath & Body Works for All!!

      • Jen Mari

        Planned Parenthood wanted to kill my daughter. She is now a college freshman, and a strong, very smart, beautiful woman! I will not buy anything that ends up supporting hit men that prey upon women in crisis, sell them their expensive “help”, withhold facts and ultrasound images and details of the barbaric procedure they are about to commit, illegally part out the organs and other body parts of the child they killed and sell them to the highest bidders, and then cast the woman side when she suffers after her abortion – deny she is hurting/devalidate her feelings of loss and despair – especially after she finds out her child was not just a blob of cells or clump of tissue!!! No amount of tears or regret can ever bring back a destroyed child. Planned Parenthood pits women against their children as enemies – and we want to their to be peace in this world? We want to respected and held to equal standards? How about we treat our children to the same standards as what we want for ourselves? Violence is never the answer.

        • goldi91

          That is an amazing story, congrats on your daughter! And you’re right about b/c as a carcinogen #1 – as classified by the UN. I can’t believe people take them for 20 years and think nothing will happen. It’s a hormone – just like steroids! If the dose is enough to drastically change your reproductive cycle, obviously it’s enough to mess with the lymph tissue and breasts. SMH

    • Cristina Costa

      I agree. I will not stop shopping there. They are helping.

  • SpecificCanary

    Hot tip: they also refuse to torture animals to “protect your safety.”

    • Elizabeth

      It’s very clever to put the ‘cruelty free’ tag on products! In reality, OTHER companies do the testing, and they buy the items that have already passed animal testing by others. Hot tip, from one that worked in lab!

  • ‘V’

    F these commie scumbags!


    Well, what do we expect? The mark of the Beast is spreading. People disregard scripture (Revelation 13:16-17) and continue to buy into the fallacy that God won’t hold them responsible for supporting and abetting grave sin. Siobhan, Cristina and Canary….let me know how that attitude works out for you when you breathe your last. Change your ways, or you are truly lost. And worst of all, you will lead “God’s little ones” into sin, and therefore will be liable for an abomination. Think I’m kidding? Do you think Sodom was randomly destroyed by a meteor? Do you think Jonah was “swallowed by a whale” just by chance? “He has numbered every hair on your head. Do you think you’ll “get away with something”? Things whispered in the dark will be shouted from the rooftops. God truly forgives, but only those truly repentant. Will you?

    • johnmoore4

      Best to forgo all the shopping and focus on the Nativity of our Blessed Lord.

  • dizzylizzy

    Oh good! I don’t use any of their brands! Yay!