Planned Parenthood’s Stench Infused into Bath & Body Works Products

Planned Parenthood’s Stench Infused into Bath & Body Works Products

Bath & Body Works is an enormous — and enormously successful! — corporation. Alas, all of its body care and fragrance products can’t hide the stink of how its parent company, L Brands, uses your shopping dollars for left-wing political advocacy.

Our research shows just how out of touch L Brands is with conservative shoppers. Did you know that they support YWCA? YWCA opposes your right to carry concealed and your right to engage in self-defense under Stand Your Ground laws. YWCA also supports abortion.

On the environment, L Brands has joined two environmental groups which support cap-and-trade.  And on marriage, L Brand  sent $30,000 to Human Rights Campaign in 2016.

Worst of all, L Brands funds abortion directly and indirectly. They back YWCA, United Way chapters which fund Planned Parenthood, and Susan G. Komen in addition to sending money directly to Planned Parenthood. In 2016, they sent $10,000 to a Planned Parenthood chapter.

What this means for 2ndVote shoppers is that we have a chance to send a message. Avoid Bath & Body Works this Christmas shopping season. You’ll have an impact; a massive portion of Bath & Body Works’ revenues come in because of Christmas shoppers.

The message will be received loud and clear at L Brands if we all work together: stop sending consumer dollars to fund Planned Parenthood and denying the right to self-defense.

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