Please Join Us for a Special Father’s Day Project!

Please Join Us for a Special Father’s Day Project!

Do you see the good in men?

We invite you to join us in a special project over the next few weeks as we collect stories from 2ndVote subscribers and others who share in our values to celebrate the men in our lives.

When Gillette adopted the left’s cultural narrative on so-called “toxic masculinity” in its advertising earlier this year, we noticed one company pushing back. The Égard Watch Company (3 – Neutral), a new addition to our database, released its own ad in response to Gillette saying, “We see the good in men.”

If you haven’t seen Égard’s ad yet, we recommend you watch it here and then help with our Father’s Day project. 2ndVote is gifting a first edition V1-Gent Égard watch to a deserving man for the values he upholds, and we will choose the recipient based on your suggestions. Please use the form we have created to tell us about the father, son, brother, or any man close to you who deserves to be recognized for his role in his family and community. We will publish many of these stories on our blog and create a collection that honors men’s traits and values.

Add your story and join this special project here!

Like Égard, we believe men who are protectors, providers, and leaders are a valued asset. The traits unique to men, and unique to women for that matter, are to be celebrated, not denigrated. We expect this Father’s Day project will give us inspiring stories about the best in men and are looking forward to reading your contributions.

The deadline for submission is June 10th so that we can make a selection in time for Father’s Day. However, please send your stories as soon as possible so that we can share as many as possible on the 2ndVote website.

We hope you’ll enjoy this exercise and opportunity to celebrate then men in our lives.

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