Politicized Emojis; Apple Replaces Pistol with Squirt Gun

Yesterday, Apple announced that they will be replacing their pistol emoji with a toy gun in their new version of iOS for iPhones and iPads.

According to Business Insider, this was a decision made completely by Apple—not Unicode, the computing industry responsible for writing the standards for graphics such as emojis.

Many anti-2nd Amendment activists have put pressure on the leading technology company to remove the gun emoji in response to the recent level of gun violence in the United States, and Apple has responded. The app will be replaced with a bright green, orange-tipped toy gun.

This change will be released in their new iOS update, along with a whole new set of Olympic inspired emojis.

Earlier this summer, BuzzFeed also reported on the decision between Apple and Unicode to not include a new rifle emoji, which would fit perfectly into their Olympic themed emojis as a representation of the sport of rifle shooting. Apple told Unicode that it “would not support a rifle on its platform.”

These actions by Apple are just another example of pitiful attempt to stop gun violence which will have little, if any, effect on the issue.

2ndVote has found that Apple is a corporate sponsor for the Center for American Progress, a liberal organization that supports stricter gun laws and opposes national reciprocity legislation.

In a nod to the LGBT movement, the new emoji update will also include a rainbow flag, which is no surprise considering Apple stance against religious freedom by opposing Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act in 2015 and most recently opposing North Carolina’s HB2.

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