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Power of Prayer Greater than Apple’s Pro-Abortion Agenda

Yesterday, the lives of 14 babies were saved.

The day before, the lives of 8 babies were saved.

And the day before that, another 14 babies were saved.

If you’re ever tempted to doubt the power of prayer, just follow Human Coalition’s Twitter feed to have your faith restored.

This “cutting edge” pro-life organization is taking crisis pregnancies to a much higher level. By employing a highly effective “strategic marketing” plan through technology, Human Coalition is actively connecting with women have already decided to have an abortion. However, the outreach doesn’t stop once a client has entered one of its several facilities. [article continues below]

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Human Coalition launched a mobile app in 2013 that places anonymous clients into a “Prayer Feed” reaching a worldwide network of pro-life groups and individuals. The app was designed to serve as a resource for the pro-life movement to lift up strangers and their babies and organize a communal exercise of faith and prayer for someone at a most vulnerable time.

Prayer and technology have combined to create effective results placing Human Coalition in the crosshairs of the pro-abortion left.

After attacks by leftwing bloggers, Apple dropped Human Coalition’s app from the App Store, despite the app meeting all minimum requirements and having almost a five-star rating at the Google Play Store.

A statement released by Human Coalition reads:

In July, on the heels of pro-abortion media pushback, Apple notified us that they had removed the Human Coalition app from the App Store, citing violations of certain functionality requirements. However, Human Coalition spoke with Apple and demonstrated that not only were the cited requirements met, but that the Human Coalition app exceeded minimum requirements and functioned better than similar apps from other developers.

Apple was unable or unwilling to identify a specific improvement that, if completed, would merit the Human Coalition app’s reinstatement in the App Store. Instead, the effect of Apple’s requirements for modifying the app before it could be re-submitted for consideration would be that Human Coalition would have to completely overhaul of the app — a cost-prohibitive and unnecessary demand.

Shortly after Apple removed the app, a Human Coalition clinic in Atlanta was targeted by abortion advocates as a officially scheduled activity at the Facebook and Google sponsored Netroots Nation conference for leftist activists.

Human Coalition Co-Founder and President Brian Fisher said, “There is a growing trend in the U.S. to attempt to deter or silence Americans who oppose the fatal discrimination against preborn children. This move by Apple is not surprising, though it is a deep disappointment. Human Coalition remains committed to providing compassionate, loving care to women and their children even in the face of these challenges.”

It is also not surprising given Apple’s proclivity for supporting liberal activism as our research shows. However, despite the efforts by Apple and the pro-abortion movement to undermine its work, Human Coalition continues to report life-saving results on a daily basis.

As of this morning, Human Coalition’s Twitter feed reports 7,329 babies have been rescued since the organization’s inception. We expect that number to continue to grow as this pro-life organization is proving that prayer is more powerful than technology.

Click here to download Human Coalition’s app from Google Play.

Use these links to reach out to Apple directly and demand Human Coalition’s app be restored to the App Store.

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