Press Release: 2ndVote Releases “The Ad the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See”

Press Release: 2ndVote Releases “The Ad the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See”

January 31, 2017

Contact: Robert Kuykendall

NASHVILLE, TN – Just days before Super Bowl LII, 2ndVote, the conservative watchdog for corporate activism, has launched an ad campaign denouncing the National Football League’s failure to stand with veterans.

“We’re reminding the NFL that fans want football, not politics at the Super Bowl,” said 2ndVote spokesman Robert Kuykendall. “We’re also reminding Americans that the NFL chose to institutionalize and fund left-wing activism over the past season, and yet the league told veterans their request for fans and players to stand for the national anthem was ‘too political’ for the game program.”

Recently, the NFL refused to run an ad for the non-partisan American Veterans (AMVETS) organization in this year’s Super Bowl game program saying the request “#PleaseStand” amounted to a “political statement.”

“The NFL has lost its way,” Kuykendall continued. “Not only were controversial kneeling protests incorporated into pregame ceremonies earlier this season, but the league is now funneling millions of dollars to left-wing activists at the behest of the players, the same players whose union donates to so-called ‘resistance’ groups tied to liberal billionaire George Soros.”

In November, the NFL pledged $90 million to “social justice” causes in partnership with the newly-formed Players Coalition. A portion of the donations will reportedly fund 501(c)4 activities, which may be political in nature.

Earlier in the year, 2ndVote uncovered contributions from the NFL Players Association to the Center for Community Change, an “anti-Trump ‘resistance’ organization” funded by George Soros’s Open Society Foundations.

“Major corporations will spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl commercials this weekend, so we made our own ad to tell the NFL and the players that we stand with the veterans who have defended millions,” said Kuykendall. “We’re asking fans to please stand with us and tell the millionaires in the NFL that we want football, not left-wing activism.

Watch “The Ad the NFL Doesn’t Want You to See” here.

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